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Established in 1976 and with a staff of more than 50 qualified teachers, the Music School caters for the primary school music curriculum of the district of Wädenswil and Richterswil, including Au, Hütten, Schönenberg and Samstagern.

We have a simple charter: to expose the children to music, regardless of style or instrument, and to enable them to discover an interest that can be nurtured into a passion. By building a positive experience, we hope to give our students something they can take beyond their schools and further into life.

We offer a lot of different instrumental, vocal and group lessons and courses starting with children at the age of 2 ½. Our courses are also open for children outside the districts of Wädenswil and Richterswil (fees for externals) and for adults.

Our registration and cancellation deadlines are: 1st of June for the 1st semester (Aug-Jan) and 1st of December for the 2nd semester (Feb-Jul)

Music School Wädenswil does not rent or sell instruments, though it will assist parents in finding stores for rental and purchase.

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